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A little bit of commercial, from small to medium in this case.

Commercials come in all weird shapes and sizes, and much more so then residential systems, there really aren't two properties alike.

Understanding a commercial power bill is a skill within itself, that to be fair, is not really an electricians domain as much as it is an energy specialists (it might seem crazy, but many install teams over the years that I've known had never even seen a bill after installation). All of them take time, and can have a large variety of factor's that dictate what is suitable, and what that may cost the end user.

If you do have a commercial premises that needs assistance with it's power, please drop us a line so we can see if it is indeed viable for you or not?

Here below are example's of a $500 dollar bill, and a $2400 bill. A 6.6kw and a 19.8kw. One will disappear, the other will be greatly reduced. Like we said, all situations duffer so we have to assess every property individually.

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