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A DMC install vs. some other random

What we don't have in glossy brochures we make up for with the best workmanship.

Case in point, our installation is in the bottom photo. Perfect rail placement, trimmed rails, and perfect feet adjustment.

The second case in point is some installs from a local sparky competitor. And, used in an advertisement! Shocking rail placement, no aesthetic thought, just the easiest and quickest way for the apprentices to do it, and finally, illegal encroachment on the gutter!

The rail placement alone will mean the panel will bend and develop the dreaded snail tracks. However, the panel placement all over the roof and lack of trimming rails, well, you may as well take $20k of your house value!

It's the little things that we pay for, and with solar, the little things make all the difference. Especially over the years and years, your solar has to work.

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