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A 35% minimum increase has been announced yesterday for our power bills!

As usual, lot's of finger-pointing and blaming of each other's policies, even the usual promises things will one day come down. However, still no solutions as to how to stop the spiral from our leaders. And to be fair to them, there isn't one. If there was well, it would have happened long ago!

Let's be clear here, this is an international problem. People in the UK are expected to pay $4000 to $6000 pounds to heat their homes this winter. Yes, you read that right. How they will do so is another story, and the war in Europe certainly contributed, but that doesn't help the people who have to come up with the cash. They're simply collateral damage.

Solar is the solution for your home bill, yes, however not everyone has a sunny roof and there is another problem coming which means we're not out of the woods yet.

As the Aussie dollar falls, and the price of commodities and manufacturing continue to soar, so does the cost of solar. This month we have a massive price rise coming. We will do our best to keep our prices down as long as we can, but there is no way around this. Beware, as scammers are swarming the industry at the moment taking advantage of the uneducated by offering cheap prices. As a general rule, never do solar with someone who advertises on price, especially if they're below around the $5000 for a 6.6kw (seriously, there's not the profit margin in any industry these days to absorb the huge price rises we're seeing, and it is possible that the advertiser just isn't very good at understanding money and business, therefore not scamming lol).

So, in summary, this isn't a positive post, but it is a reality. Even if prices for electricity did come down, it's highly unlikely this would be passed on. That's not how big business works is it now ha-ha.

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