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4 days per week... Why do we do this? Are we insane???

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Our people work 4 days per week. Yes, this costs us money upfront, but it has its benefits in the backend. Our sales are made up of a whopping 43.7% referrals. If that's not the highest in the industry, I'll be damned!

But we've worked so hard for this, and it allows us to easily have the lowest overheads of any company currently operating that installs at our volume. Believe it or not, this makes us a larger player in our market. And why do we get so many? Well, our people are hand-picked from the best installers we have seen over the last 12 years in the industry. We pay them more and give them better working conditions so they are happy. When you have happy staff, they go above and beyond to help customers. We even once famously spent 7 hours trying to get a Wi-Fi connection through a booster system! Name another business that would do that!

And what doe that mean for us as a company? It means we don't have rushed jobs, which means we don't have mistakes, which means we don't have roof leaks and faulty systems very often. And when we do, we can be out there within 24 hours to fix them.

So, why do we do four days? See the reasons above. It's meant to be with DMC.

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