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Jealousy is a horrible thing

One of our main sources of income is fixing dodgy systems up. Unfortunately this is a reality of the trade industry in general, and is especially bad in the solar game. We see them everywhere but south east QLD is easily the worst spot for it due to licensing laws, or lack thereof.

This below is from a competitor who claims to be an industry leader, and auctions off jobs online to the lowest bidder (a common practice for the companies that advertise a lot). Last week alone we went to 3 of their jobs, and one in particular needed an independent review as the customer was taking legal action. Ever since then, we have been bombarded by threats of all descriptions, blaming us for exposing and ruining them.

This was from a fake profile spinning a bunch of different lies, but a one man band? Our 14 staff members are very unimpressed being told they are not working😂😂🤪🤪.

Such a shame that people such as this exist, but we're not going to stop helping customers just because some thugs try and make us😎😏.

If you need help with a faulty system message us today!

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