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Excuse The Photographer

Jim is the best installer, perhaps even in the whole country, but will never be a lensman. Well, not until he gets a new phone at least .

But poor quality pixels aside, here's a quality 20kw system on the Gold Coast recently.

Roof space was hard, and the usage was even throughout the year. So, what did we do? We used the lower pitch, which will give the Austem better performance during the summer months with the better sun trajectory, as well as the steeper pitch, perfect for that extra boost in winter when the sun is further away again. Costs us a little more, but man does it add up to a better system in the years to come.

When doing commercial systems, it's the little things like this that separate companies. We were up against a sports-star-recommended company at the time, who didn't take any of these factors into the equation. Quite simply, this would have lost the customer thousands over the years to come, so we're glad they were tech savvy and realized what set's us apart from the others.

Now we can't wait to see those trees to the side trimmed!

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