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Dodgy Roof Designs, Lord Help Us All!

It's such a shame to see some of the designs from other companies out there when we are quoting. Things like 4 panels on one face with normal-also called string- inverters.

Unfortunately, if you don't have at least 5 panels, often 6, on one side, you won't have enough current for that side of the panels to work. Case in point, this week we had 1 customer who had 12, yes 12 quotes, and none of the roof designs would work.

This goes to show how hard it can be to shop for a system. How does a customer realize that the other 11 companies have made a mistake? The answer, they don't, get confused and put the whole thing in the too-hard basket.

We do mathematical breakdowns of how your system works, so please let us at least show you how to get systems that actually do what they are meant to. If we say that we can't go that big, it's not because we're being mean, we just want you to be able to use your solar!

If we can't make it work, then it's not worth doing. Save your money instead!

Sorry for the rant, but please, let us help and at least give you the right advice!

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