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Our installations are done over a 4 Day work period leaving the 5th day for touch-ups, double checks, finish-offs, etc.


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The Dream Team of The Industry!

about us

The Dream Team of The Industry!

We have handpicked the best people at their specific roles in the industry to create a truly special company. It’s correct when we say, no one else can offer a more comprehensive, and complete solar package.

We have all worked at many different solar and electrical companies over the years and started working together during COVID to change all of the issues we witnessed constantly at these previous companies.


We set out to bring the best people in the industry together under one roof, and we keep our contractors working full-time on our behalf, but still under their licenses to give extra ownership and pride in their work. They only install 4 DAYS PER WEEK with the 5th day to do touch-ups, double checks, finish-offs, etc. TO ENSURE THE HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS, AND NO RUSHED JOBS! The only downside to this model is we can't help everyone. But, if you are lucky enough to use our services, then you will see the difference in our delivery, From go to whoa!

From the Most Experienced Consultants with a combined 47 years’ experience in the industry, to the Best, no-apprentices-used, only doing 4 days per week to ensure higher quality installations, installers, no one else can do it like DMC!

It's Meant to be with DMC!

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