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We often get reviews like this.

Not left in the typical places, but nevertheless, they make our day. Here below is a recent customer. Solar isn't easy, and there are many things that can go wrong in the process. So when people do notice our hard work, which is often, we are over the moon. When it comes to leaving reviews, many promise to leave one but never do, which makes them even more special.

Okay, it's time to give DMC Electrical and Energy a review. Approximately mid-Jan 2023 we decided to research the removal of our 12yo 3.6kW solar system that was still functional (previous owners were on the Tax Payer funded/subsidized $0.51 FIT) lucky them and upgrade to a larger system.

We decided to get at least 3 x quotes for the largest system possible using only our north-facing roof space.

Inger DMC's sales rep/manager came out to us within a day or two of us making contact with them. Inger was extremely professional, friendly, and knowledgeable and said we could fit a 9.5kW system based on our roof space and that the panels would be 500kW versus the smaller 415kW panel which is the norm for most domestic installs. The 500kW panels are in the main used for larger commercial installs. We were okay with this approach, and having a low-set brick/tile home with good access, the installers would not have as much trouble getting the larger and heavy panels in place. DMC also advised us about maximizing daytime power usage, which included taking our HWS and pool pump off the off-peak tariff.

Fast forward to today, our new solar system has been in place for 3 weeks tomorrow, and it's working great. At this stage, we can not fault DMC's services from start to finish and highly recommend them.

Thanks again, Trevor, for your kind words. Have a great week, everyone. We can't wait to meet all our new clients!

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